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Our advanced glazing systems are capable of providing differing functional requirements, depending upon the type and degree of fire resistance required. Our solutions conform to British (BS) and Singapore (SS) standard.


For reference purposes, the letters below represent considered functional requirements, followed by the fire performance time in terms of minutes. Please note that fire resistance classifications are related to the complete glazed element.


Class E - Integrity E - Integrity
Prevents the passage of significant quantities of flames or fumes to the non-fire side.
Class EW - Radiation EW - Radiation
Measured radiated heat in front of the glazing below a specified level.

(e.g. 15 kW/m2)

Class EI - Insulation

EI - Insulation
Limited mean temperature rise on the unexposed surface.

(e.g. 140K average, 180K maximum)

Example: EI30 = fire resistance classification of 30 minutes integrity with 30 minutes insulation


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